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Ulan Bator, Xambuca, Psychic Pollution

Wed. June 20th 2018
Copper Owl $10adv / $15atd (No Minors)
the fifty fifty arts collective, @Audio Osmosis and Copper Owl present:

Amaury Cambuzat is a French composer and multi-instrumentalist that began his career in 1994. Since that time he has recorded ten studio albums with Ulan Bator and is currently signed with the German label Bureau B One of their most acclaimed of their ten studio albums is "Ego:Echo", produced by Michael Gira of Swans and released on Young God Records in 2000.

This will be the second tour in North America for Ulan Bator, their first was back in 2012. Exclusively for this tour, Amaury will mostly be performing songs from "Ego:Echo", plus some other pieces that characterize his long career, in a semi-acoustic fashion with a lap-steel guitar and effects. He will be joined by American musicians Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop/Swans) on drums and Chandra Shukla (Xambuca) on bass and electronics.


“One of the best French bands in the last 300 years!” -Michael Gira (Swans)

“Ulan Bator’s music follows an eccentric orbit, while their power is usually kept simmering in reserve. The players investigate the borders of song structure. They build up enormous tension (…) they played a marathon three hour set with Faust early last year. Hard to imagine, given Ulan Bator’s inherent sense of control: halting on the brink before complete freakout sets in is what makes the group so special.” -Wire Magazine (UK)

“To say that this is the best rock music France has ever produced is to damn it with faint praise. This trio may be the only band from that over-sauced nation to be worth a damn in a long time maybe since Metal Urbain or Magma (…) Call it musique concrète paved with irreverence.” -Alternative Press (USA)

with locals Psychic Pollution