• Analog Eco Exhibit

    Thu 15th Dec, 2011 - Thu 29th Dec, 2011

    Analog Eco Exhibit

    Taking obsolete analog formats and transforming them to illustrate a form of work relevant to its function (cassette tapes = music, VHS = movies, etc...), Albert Joaquin describes himself as a "part time" artist at best. In fact, he didn't even start making art until about a year ago. He is a cook by trade. Joaquin was initially drawn into working with this type of mixed media because it was so... read more...
  • Fantasy Bears illustrations by Stefan Thompson

    Thu 24th Nov, 2011 - Thu 15th Dec, 2011

    Fantasy Bears illustrations by Stefan Thompson

    Fantasy Bears is a series of new illustrations by Stefan Thompson. The work has been put together over the late summer and early fall of 2011, which included his traveling time from Ottawa to the West Coast. The pieces are made with a focus on using Eco-friendly and or 'nontoxic' alternatives to conventional art materials. Beeswax, soot, crayons, recycled paper and homemade paints factor heavily i... read more...
  • FUNDRAISER 4 the 5050

    Fri 4th Nov, 2011

    FUNDRAISER 4 the 5050

    w/ NEWPORT BEACH, HORSE GIRLS, KINGDOM CLOUD Come on down to Logan's Pub on Friday Nov, 4th to raise some money for the fifty fifty! Local favourites NEWPORT BEACH, HORSE GIRLS, and KINGDOM CLOUD will be performing. ONLY 7 bux!! Have a good time for a good cause! C U THERE read more...
  • Edmonton\'s Smokey with SEAWEEDHEAD + puppet show! Show\'s in the gallery Series:#2: Smokey, Seaweedhead , Tarmanda Two: Curse of the Fistler

    Sun 4th Sep, 2011

    Edmonton's Smokey with SEAWEEDHEAD + puppet show! Show's in the gallery Series:#2

    $3 All the donations go to the out of town performer. spooky folk mind trip http://smokeycoon.bandcamp.com/ straight from the gut story telling with song, solo/low key performance! http://seaweedhead.bandcamp.com/album/alive-on-the-noise-floor and... Puppet show! The Robler Witzlett Entertainment Commitee Presents: Tarmanda Two: Curse of the Fistler read more...
  • Occupied [A Comparative Photo Series]

    Fri 26th Aug, 2011 - Sat 11th Sep, 2010

    Occupied [A Comparative Photo Series]

    Both fourth year students at the University of Victoria, Henry Slaughter and Kyra Kelpin have found common interest in process and output. While Henry’s submitted work is based abroad, Kyra’s is based locally, and they have found similarities in subject matter and composition; the differences lie in the atmospheric quality and feelings of nostalgia. Henry ...Slaughter's photography stems in... read more...
  • LUCID 44/PSYCHIC POLLUTION/ORCHARDS: Lucid 44, Psychic Pollution, Orchards

    Sun 24th Jul, 2011


    Dear Victoria, Show in the gallery!! I know it's a Sunday night, quit ur cryin!! It's an early show, start @ 8PM. It's only $3 to see LUCID 44, Calgary Sad Bastard poster child. He's gonna be doin some performance art. It won't freak you out and it doesn't involve weirdo dancers in tights and Sarah Mclachlan. Did I mention it's only $3. with... PSYCHIC POLLUTION. Local noise video ... read more...
  • 50/50 presents the 7th Annual Rock Lottery!!!!: The Rock Lottery!!!

    Sat 9th Jul, 2011

    50/50 presents the 7th Annual Rock Lottery!!!!

    The Rock Lottery lowdown. Selected musicians meet at the fifty fifty in the morning of July 9th. There all of the musicians names are thrown into a hat. The names randomly drawn will determine what group each artist will be placed in. Once all of the groups are assembled, they then go off to a predetermined jam space to develop an original 4 song (roughly 20min.) set to be performed live at Log... read more...
  • Off The Grid Art Crawl 2011

    Fri 10th Jun, 2011

    Off The Grid Art Crawl 2011

    Its here again! Victoria's 5th annual Off The Grid Art Crawl will be taking place from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm on June 10th. This open house event brings together Victoria's art galleries, artist-run centers, and community at large. Attendees have the opportunity to explore the city's art exhibitions as well as meet local artists, curators and volunteers that make them happen. read more...

    Fri 10th Jun, 2011 - Fri 1st Jul, 2011


    They appear laughing and bickering, en mass. They pull one another’s hair and bite at rocks breaking their teeth. They are hungry and naked, gendered and yet sexless. They say,”ha-ha!” and “oh no!” Haha Ohno is a narrative drawing exhibition, the scenes represented there-in serve as a vehicle to explore basic social dynamics and practices. The characters inhabit a world emptied of l... read more...
  • Little Things

    Fri 6th May, 2011 - Sun 29th May, 2011

    Little Things

    Aaron Rosner is a self taught artist who lives and works in Victoria. He has self published a number of zines and comics and his mediums include illustration and diorama-like sculpture. "Aaron lives in Victoria, where he draws pictures and makes little things." "I like baking biscuits shaped like shortbread cookies when I get the chance." he says of himself. Eating pizza and romantic walks to... read more...
  • Introduction to Illustrating Children\'s Books Workshop

    Sun 10th Apr, 2011

    Introduction to Illustrating Children's Books Workshop

    3 hours All levels Most materials provided $40 Illustrating for children is one of the most creative and rewarding forms of art. It allows for almost unlimited flights of fancy, and can even help us rediscover our own childlike creativity, imagination, and wonder. Whether you’re interested in illustrating your own stories or considering illustration as a career path, this class will ... read more...
  • Just another art show...?

    Thu 7th Apr, 2011 - Thu 28th Apr, 2011

    Just another art show...?

    The latest exhibition of works by local artists Lara Scarr and Tani Hamagishi-Allen. After meeting in art school years back they have shown work together throughout Vancouver, Victoria and mid-Vancouver Island. Despite working independently of one another, from their home studios, they confess a shared love and appreciation for mixed media arts. Both have been exploring this medium through dire... read more...
  • All You Can Eat

    Thu 10th Mar, 2011 - Sun 3rd Apr, 2011

    All You Can Eat

    All You Can Eat Picture Buffet launch, compiled by Thomas Dininno Articles: Robert Walser - by Jessie Jones Mark Mothersbaugh - by Pat Flegel George Costakis - by Steven Lind + more Illustrations by Lee Mcclure, Caitlin Gallupe, Thomas Dinnino Trailer Trash Vortex - a short film loop inspired by Robert Walser's “Microscripts” exploring the fragility of language that exists... read more...
  • Valentines Formal & Fundraiser: The Himalayan Bear, FOOTSIES BABYSITTER BOYS, GIRLS TV CLUB

    Sat 12th Feb, 2011

    Valentines Formal & Fundraiser

    Put on your Valentines best, grab a date and join us for an evening inspired by love! There will be dancing and prizes for best dressed! Last years event Valentines Party was a huge success and raised a lot of money for the Fifty Fifty Gallery! love, the Fifty Fifty xoxoxox read more...
  • Duck Memorial Gallery

    Thu 10th Feb, 2011 - Wed 9th Mar, 2011

    Duck Memorial Gallery

    Duck Memorial Gallery by Samuel Garrigo Meza On April 28, 2008, one thousand six hundred and six ducks, mallards and buffleheads, landed on the Aurora tailings pond, a lake of toxic waste and contaminated water, the residue from oil sands mining operations; most of the flock died within minutes. The Duck Memorial Gallery consists of one thousand six hundred and six origami ducks folded fr... read more...