• Momentary Fragments: Laura Gildner, Blair Taylor , Sarah Cowan

    Thu 1st Dec, 2016 - Sun 18th Dec, 2016

    Momentary Fragments

    Curatorial/Artists’ Statement In his essay “Memories and Images” from the book Memory, History, Forgetting (2004), philosopher Paul Ricoeur asks “how are we to explain that memories return in the form of images and that the imagination mobilized in this way comes to take on forms that escape the function of the unreal?” Considering Ricoeur’s idea of tangible reminiscence, Sarah Cowa... read more...
  • Interior Castles: Jessica Ziakin Cook

    Thu 10th Nov, 2016 - Sat 26th Nov, 2016

    Interior Castles

    Opening Reception: November 10, 7PM - 10PM Show runs: November 10 - November 26th Visit thefiftyfifty.net for gallery hours. “I began to think of the soul as if it were a castle made of a single diamond of very clear crystals in which there are many rooms, just as in Heaven there are many mansions.” [1] Theresa of Avila, Interior Castles,1577 ""Like Teresa writing in the Castilian ver... read more...
  • The Principle of Original Horizontality: Brandon Poole

    Thu 20th Oct, 2016 - Sun 6th Nov, 2016

    The Principle of Original Horizontality

    Hard knotless timber lies under the plaster and lath. Tar-covered and paper-wrapped cabling runs through the studs. A pair of neighboring Art Moderne houses are simultaneously under renovation. The interiors have been gutted: the wiring, the plumbing, the ‘torch-on’ and the tiling, have all been removed. The structures have been stripped-down to their bones and so, like the ship of Theseus, re... read more...
  • the fifty fifty arts collective presents: SCHOOLGIRL, Arrington de Dionysio, Katsura Yamauchi

    Sun 16th Oct, 2016

    the fifty fifty arts collective presents

    Another evening of experimental free jazz flavourings put together by The fifty fifty arts collective. This show is not to be missed! Guests to be announced shortly. Early show, doors 8PM over by midnight. $10 Arrington de Dionysio (Old Time Relijun, Malaikat dan Singa) https://arrington.bandcamp.com/ www.youtube.com/arringtondedionyso An uncompromising voice in contemporary music, Arringt... read more...
  • the fifty fifty arts collective presents: CROSSS, Sleepkit, Fantasy Creeps

    Thu 6th Oct, 2016

    the fifty fifty arts collective presents

    The fifty fifty arts collective's music program presents Crosss experimental/esoteric/goth/cult/metal/noize https://crosss.bandcamp.com/ Sleepkit (Wyatt Records) AB far out psychedelic freakout feat. members of Chad VanGaalen & the bleach wipes, Ghostkeeper, Devonian Gardens, Deadhorse & The Slabs https://sleepkitband.bandcamp.com/ Fantasy Creeps psychedelic/sludge https://fantas... read more...
  • Drod Tings: Julie Gennai

    Thu 15th Sep, 2016 - Sat 8th Oct, 2016

    Drod Tings

    The drawing is its own. It’s nothing more than a following of something that already knows what it is. The drawing unfolds exactly how it has planned, and the drawer has little to do with it. The drawer also has everything to do with it. They grow like weeds of movement and line, sometimes asking for colour. Without us even knowing it, they contain symbols and information. In the practice of... read more...
  • Standard Appreciation: Abby Hutchison, Sarah Strohan

    Sat 27th Aug, 2016 - Sat 10th Sep, 2016

    Standard Appreciation

    Curated by Abby Hutchison and Sarah Strohan Standard Appreciation is a curated group show where each participating artist will show their work in a poster format. The show will provide a platform for numerous local (and far away but locally connected) artists to show together. The participants come from a variety of artistic backgrounds and will be drawing from their usual practice and medium t... read more...
  • Integrate Arts Festival After party feat.: Old Girl, Colliding Canyons, In Mirrors, Laura Lee

    Sat 27th Aug, 2016

    Integrate Arts Festival After party feat.

    Long before Integrate, the fifty fifty and a few other galleries in town started the Off The Grid arts crawl. In order to be more inclusive, we all decided as local collectives to create a new arts fest that was open to some of the more On the Grid galleries in town. Integrate Arts, was created!. It has now grown and taken legs of its own with a great team of volunteers manning the helm. Every yea... read more...
  • the fifty fifty arts collective\'s 13th annual ROCK LOTTERY!: Freak Heat Waves, Fountain, Zuzu\'s Petals, Golden Hand, Psychic Pollution, Wired to the Sky, Scars and Scarves, SURE, Chance Lovett and the Broken Hearted, Sealion, Du Nuit, Fantasy Creeps

    Sat 13th Aug, 2016

    the fifty fifty arts collective's 13th annual ROCK LOTTERY!

    One of The fifty fifty arts collective's most popular and long standing events THE ROCK LOTTERY is back August 13th at Logan's Pub. This is our 13th year hosting this event!! Entry is only $8! You don't wanna miss this!! all proceeds go to the fifty fifty music program featuring members of formerly and present: Zuzu's Petals Psychic Pollution Wired To The Sky Golden Hand Freak Heat W... read more...
  • Deep Within the Colourful Recesses of Our Minds: Nicholas Zirk

    Thu 4th Aug, 2016 - Sun 14th Aug, 2016

    Deep Within the Colourful Recesses of Our Minds

    "Deep Within The Bright And Colourful Recess Of Our Minds is a ‘movable’ mural stretching 7’ high, running the length of the gallery wall. The painting will be made on Tyvek plastic, pinned with tacks, and will be a combinatorial mixed media piece, using acrylic, acrylic latex, oils and spray paint, but will also include UV reactive prints, framed photos, pasted found images, and cut out abs... read more...
  • EVENTIDE AFTER PARTY!! with: DADA PLAN, Jody Glenham, Zuzu\'s Petals, Potion

    Thu 21st Jul, 2016


    The fifty fifty arts collective and the Copper Owl present the July 21st official Eventide Music Series after party featuring; DADA PLAN http://dadaplan.ca/ Vancouver psychedelic crooner Malcolm Biddle leads his troupe of trippers through songs about the internet and a possible dystopian future. Jody Glenham https://jodyglenham.bandcamp.com/ Also from Vancouver Jody's music has been des... read more...
  • WALL2WALL: Group Show and Fundraiser

    Thu 14th Jul, 2016 - Sun 31st Jul, 2016

    WALL2WALL: Group Show and Fundraiser

    DO YOU LIKE: Art BBQ Beverages collective run multipurpose art spaces that support emerging artist and experimental works The fifty fifty Arts Collective is having a fundraiser! July 14th come by for tunes, art, hot dogs, beverages, and more to support The fifty fifty. We will be filling the gallery's walls with work for sale, everything under $100. Keep your eyes peeled for participati... read more...
  • The fifty fifty presents a special screening of A MATTER OF TIME feat.: Kathryn Calder

    Tue 12th Jul, 2016

    The fifty fifty presents a special screening of A MATTER OF TIME feat.

    The fifty fifty arts collective and the Copper Owl are pleased to present a special screening of A Matter of TIme featuring a Q&A session with Kathryn Calder. This screening is a fundraiser for ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease) a progressive neuromuscular disease in which nerve cells die and leave voluntary muscles paralyzed. http://www.alsbc.ca/ Suggested donation is $5 with the op... read more...
  • The Highest Order, The Backhomes, Hush Pup

    Sat 2nd Jul, 2016

    The Copper Owl and The fifty fifty arts collective presents: THE HIGHEST ORDER (toronto) http://www.highest-order.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheHighestOrder/ - Simone Schmidt (FIVER) leads country psych band Highest Order on a cross Canada tour. THE BACKHOMES http://thebackhomes.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheBackhomes - local psych freakers fresh off touring with Black Mountain!... read more...

    Sat 25th Jun, 2016

    fifty fifty arts collective and CFUV will be bringing the great Scandinavian trio The Thing to Victoria Saturday June 25th 2016. Doors 8pm $20. All Ages. Advance tickets online or purchase at Cavity Curiosity Shop and Martin Batchelor Gallery Saxophonists Matts Gustafsson, bassist Ingegrit Haker Flaten and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love have performed and recorded with Jim O'Rouke, Thurston Moore, J... read more...
  • my form has been extinguished: MATT SIDNEY

    Thu 23rd Jun, 2016 - Sun 10th Jul, 2016

    my form has been extinguished

    My Form Has Been Extinguished is an expression of self-deconstruction through ritual. An extinguishing flame, followed by the loss of self. An embrace of chaos. A flicker of light on elements forgotten, lost, hidden. read more...
  • the fifty fifty percent off store: Katie Sage, Adam Cantor

    Thu 2nd Jun, 2016 - Sun 19th Jun, 2016

    the fifty fifty percent off store

    the fifty fifty percent off store is a subversion of the popular notion of “Victoria” as an idyllic tourist destination. Behind the superficial pantomime erected for the blocks of tourists milling up from the cruise ships is a city out of touch with its own history and troubles. Homelessness is rampant; rental occupancy is close to zero, yet expensive mansions are selling for millions. Mean... read more...
  • LSD AND THE SEARCH FOR GOD, Scars and Scarves, Soft Alarm

    Sun 29th May, 2016

    The fifty fifty arts collective, the Copper Owl and Two Headed Dog Booking 两个头的狗售票店 proudly present LSD AND THE SEARCH FOR GOD - file under psych/shoegaze - fans of Brian Jonestown, Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine take note! LSD AND THE SEARCH FOR GOD https://lsdandthesearchforgod.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.facebook.com/lsdandthesearchforgod/ LSD and the Search for... read more...
  • All That Has Been Done Before: Roshanak Amini

    Thu 12th May, 2016 - Sun 29th May, 2016

    All That Has Been Done Before

    Curated by Jacek Porowski “Language is god gone astray in flesh” Paul Valery The focus of this exhibition is the correlation between interrelated books; Colonialism and Neo-colonialism by Jean-Paul Sartre and The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon. The books mentioned were published in the 1960’s and analyze the French colonization of Algeria. Sartre directed his writing to the citi... read more...
  • I Thought I Was the Only One

    Fri 22nd Apr, 2016 - Mon 2nd May, 2016

    I Thought I Was the Only One

    I thought I was the Only One is the result of a 6-month collaboration between Kerri Flannigan and the Youth of Island Sexual Health that explores adolescent rites of passage and presents a collection of individual anecdotes of coming of age identity-forming epiphanies. With humour and candour, these charged stories capture the ubiquitous experiences of coming of age, riding the line between angst-... read more...
  • The Morphology of Fear: Anna Fuszara

    Fri 11th Mar, 2016 - Sun 10th Apr, 2016

    The Morphology of Fear

    "The knife is my art tool. It is not an accidental choice. I endow its will for destruction with a power to create, simultaneously courting and opposing the fear and anxiety it embodies for me—that has followed me for all my life. I cut, and as I do, a stiff and unyielding sheet of black paper becomes pliant and fragile- eventually it becomes beautiful. I find light and depth in a single flat sh... read more...
  • NEON BLACK: revisited: Jack Clift Robinson

    Fri 19th Feb, 2016 - Sun 6th Mar, 2016

    NEON BLACK: revisited

    Neon Black is a series created to immerse the viewer in retro-futurism by shaping an atmospheric experience through painting. It illustrates a sequence of landscapes, which transmute a form of Xanadu from a seperate observable plane. As the inspiration behind this work is the retro-futuristic styling of the eighties, the further development of their design is achieved through the use of fluorescen... read more...
  • So Damp Them Three Bellies Grew a Whole Damn World: Alysha Farling

    Thu 28th Jan, 2016 - Sun 14th Feb, 2016

    So Damp Them Three Bellies Grew a Whole Damn World

    Alysha Farling is visual artist from Victoria BC. She graduated from Camosun College in 2008 and then went on to do her BFA at Concordia University where she majored in Drawing and Painting. Since graduating in 2013 Farling has gone on to do shows in Montreal, Ottawa and Argentina, as well as residencies in Argentina and now Victoria. Farling is inspired by moments of play from her childhood, e... read more...
  • Raw Earths and Railway Spikes: Amidst Ghosts of Future History: Jeffrey Wynne

    Thu 7th Jan, 2016 - Sun 24th Jan, 2016

    Raw Earths and Railway Spikes: Amidst Ghosts of Future History

    'Raw Earths and Railway Spikes: Amidst Ghosts of Future History' is a remembrance of truths that will never be known. It is a story about the colonization of Western Canada, of histories of resource extraction, and of shifting settler identities amidst the faces of national mythology. My name is Jeffrey Wynne, and I am a 23 year-old multi-disciplinary artist originally from Victoria, Canada. R... read more...