• L A Y E R: Fern Long, Mary Babineau - Mar 20th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 21st Mar, 2019 - Fri 12th Apr, 2019

    L A Y E R

    In L A Y E R Fern Long and Mary Babineau have built a series of constructions to bring the industrial landscape into the gallery. Made from pallets, cardboard, house paint, plastic and other salvaged materials they pull apart and then reimagine the many layers of a working city. Almost everything within this immersive installation was found - often discarded after minimal use. Through a process of... read more...
  • Open Face Beholding: created by Delaney Tesch, direction by Karin Saari - Mar 20th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Fri 15th Mar, 2019

    Open Face Beholding

    Join us for Open Face Beholding - a performance created by Delaney Tesch, Direction by Karin Saari Performances on Friday, March 15 from 4 - 6PM and 8-10PM Admisson: $7 cash at the door Artist Honorariums for this performance are generously supplied by Feed the Arts in the CRD One-part living art exhibition, one-part theatre performance, open face beholding is an exploration of the cross... read more...
  • Space Probe: Elyse Longair - Mar 20th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Fri 15th Feb, 2019 - Sat 9th Mar, 2019

    Space Probe

    This collage exhibition will transport the viewer through time and space through official footage captured by a ’Space Probe’. One will be introduced to the keeper of the stars, to see what lies between atoms, to investigate who the solar tempests are and to visit official space ports, cosmic ships and planetoid camps. Elyse Longair was born in Lethbridge, AB. She holds a Bachelor of Fine ... read more...
  • Leviathanic Allusion: Natasha Van Netten - Mar 20th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 10th Jan, 2019 - Fri 25th Jan, 2019

    Leviathanic Allusion

    The White Whale. Biblical sea monsters. Throughout history whales have simultaneously inspired awe and fear. Stories of these ancient creatures have been passed down through the ages—from myth to novel. In Leviathanic Allusion Natasha van Netten brings together contemporary art and themes of whale research. This dynamic exhibition showcases a variety of drawings, oil paintings, sculptures an... read more...