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  • Fri 7th Dec, 2018 until Fri 4th Jan, 2019AVolta - Dec 15th @ the fifty fifty arts collective


    Volta is a term used to describe a turning point that occurs in varied forms of fourteen-line poems collectively called sonnets. Sometimes a volta undertakes a profound reversal; other times it is just a subtle shift that the poem presents or, better, performs. This installation includes a presentation of sonnets, but also represents an exchange with visual art. The word volta translated directly ... read more...

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  • Thu 10th Jan, 2019 until Fri 25th Jan, 2019Leviathanic Allusion: Natasha Van Netten - Dec 15th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Leviathanic Allusion: Natasha Van Netten

    The White Whale. Biblical sea monsters. Throughout history whales have simultaneously inspired awe and fear. Stories of these ancient creatures have been passed down through the ages—from myth to novel. In Leviathanic Allusion Natasha van Netten brings together contemporary art and themes of whale research. This dynamic exhibition showcases a variety of drawings, oil paintings, sculptures an... read more...