Exhibition Guidelines

the fifty fifty arts collective is currently accepting proposals for the 2020 programming season. All applications must be received by Sunday, October 13 at 11:59PM. Applications may include individual and group exhibitions and curatorial projects relevant to the field of contemporary art practice. To apply, you must submit a portfolio consisting of the following:

  • Images/Supporting material: Up to 10 images or supporting materials that directly relate to your proposed project.
  • Image list: A brief description of images/supporting materials, including titles, materials, dates and any other relevant information. If supporting material includes video or audio, provide active links in the image list. Video and audio must not exceed 5 minutes in length.
  • Proposal: The proposal should clearly and concisely outline your exhibition or project. Consider how you will use the space and why the fifty fifty would be a good fit. Please also include your preferred date - your date preference does not guarantee those dates if selected, but it will help us coordinate a schedule that best accommodates the needs of everyone. Maximum 1 page.
  • Artist statement: Provide context for your proposal with relation to your artistic practice. Maximum 1 page.
Submit all of your materials as one pdf file. Please take care to include all of the required documents - an incomplete proposal will not be considered. Email your submission package to thefiftyfifty@gmail.com

Exhibitions generally run for the course of 2.5 weeks. Exhibition hours are available on the about page and are based on volunteer availability. If you would be available to gallery sit during your exhibition, please include this in your proposal.

The fifty fifty requests 30% percent of all art sales - these funds are used to maintain our programming space. However, given the often experimental nature of some exhibits, we do not require work to be available for sale.

Although the fifty fifty arts collective requires the aforementioned submission package accompanying any proposal of work, we also seek to meet the needs of individuals or collectives who may experience barriers throughout the application process. Please note that we are a volunteer-run collective that attempts to strike a balance of our commitments to the collective and to our individual schedules. We will do our best to accommodate alternative modes of presenting one's application but we do request that you communicate with us regarding your application if it differs from our submission requirements at least two weeks prior to due date. Please feel free to email us here thefiftyfifty@gmail.com if you have questions about the submission process.

Most importantly, the fifty fifty programs work through a collective adjudication process. We accept work based on its ability to fulfill our mandate. We suggest that applicants familiarize themselves with our exhibition archives and with our mandate prior to submission. Our mandate can be found here

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