Please feel free to stop by and visit. Due to Covid 19, we have reduced capacity inside the gallery, ask that you continue distancing from others, and recommend that you wear a mask inside. 

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On Now

  • Fri 31st Mar, 2023 until Fri 21st Apr, 2023

    Erin Berry: Remnant Oscillation

    This work is exploring the relationship between the tactile material world and the digital technological realm we are often immersed in. Through 3D scanning I am able to digitally render a physical object or surface texture, distort and transform it in a digital world, then combine, mirror, alter and print to create sculptures that live in the “uncanny valley” between recognizable form and other-worldly structure. Touching on the deep, often ignored, intangible relationship we have with the natural, wild world and the distorted reflection of it we consume through our screens. read more...

  • Coming Up

    We are gathering information for the next exhibition. Check back soon!