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  • Fri 19th Feb, 2021 until Fri 2nd Apr, 2021Static Flux: Atefeh Baradaran - Mar 9th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Static Flux: Atefeh Baradaran

    Static Flux is a collection of paintings from an ongoing body of work in which, using minimal three-dimensional compositions, I explore the tensions between foreground vs. background, flat vs. three‐dimensional and inside vs. outside the frame. In these paintings, I aim to activate an interplay between the dimensionally painted image, the flat wooden substrate and the inherent frame enclosing them. The illusion of depth created by the compositions sits in confrontation with the flatness of the exposed substrate and the frame becomes the boundary between the two. The result sometimes lends itself to compositions that appear to be caught in motion against their frame or that exist on a different plane. - Atefeh Baradaran is avisual artist currently residing in Vancouver on unceded Coast Salish territories. Atefeh has an inclination towards geometric patterns and process-oriented work. She draws inspiration from intentional and accidental compositions present in her surroundings. Her abstract work often present methodically produced designs that are playfully combined with unexpected elements of disruption. Atefeh holds a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. She was nominated for the IDEA Art Award in 2015 and was the recipient of the Salt Spring Painters Guild Award from the 2019 Salt Spring National Art Prize. - Covid - 19 Guidelines · Only one visitor or hous... read more...

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