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The Fifty Fifty's Grand Re-Opening John Luna - Visual Artist, Chet, Morgan Manheim & the Rhinestone Juggernaut, Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes

Sat. June 12th 2004 8:00/10:00
Art at 8pm, Music at 10pm

"Jerusalem of the hours"
paintings and drawings by
John Luna

"All the substances in the world went floating up"

-Anne Carson,

'Autobiography of Red'
John Luna, a painter and writer originally from Victoria, presents "Jerusalem of the hours", an installation of paintings and drawings thatdeals with entropy and painting, the latter as both a substance (oils, resin, dust, ash, waxes, pencil shavings, imprints and tracings, aluminum) and a history (names, theories, etymologies). Passages in time, process, and literature appear both great and small, as do some of the loose ends that feed into and extend from these pictures.