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Analog Eco Exhibit

Thu. December 15th 2011 - Thu. December 29th 2011 monday closed tuesday 1-4 pm wednesday 1-4/6-9 pm thursday closed friday 10-4 pm saturday 1-4 pm sunday (artist sitting)
Taking obsolete analog formats and transforming them to illustrate a form of work relevant to its function (cassette tapes = music, VHS = movies, etc...), Albert Joaquin describes himself as a "part time" artist at best. In fact, he didn't even start making art until about a year ago. He is a cook by trade.

Joaquin was initially drawn into working with this type of mixed media because it was so easily accessible; people everywhere were literally giving it away. Always fond of collecting movies and music, he came to wonder what one does when a newer and better format of technology has come and dominated? Unable to throw away these items and feeling that they still had a lot to offer, Joaquin has begun to transform the almost extinct media into stunning artistic pieces that represent their former use, while saving them from going to the landfill.

Runs December 15th - 29th
Opening reception December 15th 7 - 10 PM