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Deconstructed Architecture by Psychic Pollution :improving formula, through improvisation

Wed. June 20th 2012 - Sun. July 8th 2012
In a world where art and design is dictated by various computer assisted programs the art of freehand improvised architecture drawings is slowly fading. In its place you find stagnant examples of computer rendered drawings that remove some of the artistic aspects and meaning from free standing structure representations. Some of today's architectural mappings portray little human creative touch.

Deconstructed architecture is a mixed media show featuring the works of Psychic Pollution aka local performance artist and musician Jzero Schuurman. In this exhibition Jzero will be crossing the lines of perfection by providing renditions of modern architecture using ink and paper drawings, architectural sculpture, video and ambient music. The exhibit explores the nagging human need for perfection by intentionally manipulating an art form that relies on convention, architecture drawing.

The planned exhibition will host 18 ink and paper architectural drawings (all moderately priced), one video art piece exploring modern architecture creatively, and a few large scale abstract installations in the centre of the gallery using unused construction materials.

The exhibit will also coincide with the release of Psychic Pollution’s newest album entitled Deconstructed Architecture. This album can be heard and purchased opening night June 20th from 7-10PM. It will also be featured on the Psychic Pollution bandcamp page. The album comes in DIY screenprinted digipacks for $10 or you can purchase bandcamp downloads at the show for $3.