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Residual Effects

Thu. August 23rd 2012 - Sun. September 9th 2012
In this body of work, I have focused on the storytelling aspect of visual mark-making. I am interested in the stories people share within the families and groups in which we belong. I am also interested in the transformative nature of stories, and how they change as they are shared, reflected upon and grow. The fragility of memory and the healing power of the creative process challenge me to make sense of the stories from my own history through the use of personal visual symbols. The process of creating imagery that investigates relationships and lived circumstances offers a method in which to understand personal and collective experiences. This group of mixed-media paintings explores themes of loss, memory, grief, healing, identity and childhood. Sharing these works within a gallery setting is both empowering and challenging. I am encouraged to participate in the process of interpersonal storytelling through the methods
that function for me and enjoy witnessing the stories of others, however they are expressed.

I am a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and I am currently completing a
diploma in Art Therapy at the BC School of Art Therapy. I have shown work in Halifax, NS and St. John, NB.

Opening: August 23rd, 7pm - 10pm
Everyone welcome, free to attend