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Shock Corridor Cinema Presents: TROUBLE EVERY DAY (2003). Starring Vincent Gallo

Tue. October 26th 2004 8pm
Shock Corridor Cinema Presents:
Claire Denis' follow up to her widely engaging BEAU TRAVAIL. TROUBLE EVERY DAY is an arty psychological horror film that borrows, in unconventional fashion, from the Vampire story. It sucessfully moves traces of the goth tradition to modern day france, where cannibalist blood suckers are psychologically torn between sadistic desire and domestic banality. The body becomes both a symbolic fruit and a grotesque canvas in which the possessed lay bare their most troubling sexuailites in the spacious landscape of Denis' highly palpable images. Featuring a fine performance by American hipster Vincent Gallo in a starring role plus a succulent soundtrack by Tindersticks.
Perhaps Victoria's first and last screening of this highly praised film by one of France's enfant terrible of contemporary cinema. Just in time for Halloween.