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Video Kill: A Home-Spun Collection of Indie Rock Videos and Short films.

Fri. November 12th 2004 8pm
An assortment of home spun music videos and music inspired short films produced by various bands and filmmakers from Vancouver and Victoria's indie music scene. Not to be seen on Much Music any time soon!! Far removed from the recent music video screening at Lucky Bar.

The Victoria screening features videos from Wolf Parade (from local artist Panos Cosmatos); P:ano; Run Chico Run; The Organ; Beans; The Microphones, Black Mountain and more. short films by Frog Eyes members Michael Rak and Carey Mercer (the infamous Hobo Camp is dusted off for another screening). short films by local filmmakers Rick Raxlen and Lindsay Brandon. plus, live musical slide show storytelling (a family horror film disclosed in 30 slides) by Duotwang.

Video Kill started as a project of Lyndsay Sung (of Radio Berlin and Pink Mountaintops). The two screening programs in vancouver proved overwhelmingly popular, prompting portions of the show to hit the road in the interest of highlighting local videos produced outside of the lower mainland.. following its stop in victoria, the program moves to Montreal where an assortment of new vids will be added to the program.

Audio turned up to 11. One night only!

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