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The Canadian Disability Studies Association art showcase

Thu. May 23rd 2013 - Sun. June 9th 2013
The DisAbility at the Edge Art Show is a celebration of disAbled artists from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. The show is sponsored by the DisAbled Womyn’s Committee, the Canadian Disability Studies Association and the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective.

We at the DisAbled Womyn’s Committee believe that disAbility is at the forefront of empowerment and equal rights movements. We are grateful to the ones that led the way such as the feminist, queer, anti-racist and indigenous movements. We the disAbled also struggle for the right to be viewed as human beings and the right to fully participate in our society.

DisAbled people do not need others to empower us; we can empower ourselves and, even though we do not live up to society’s standards, we can live up to our own (and that is probably better anyway). Our society is missing out on the vast profusion of creativity that disAbled people offer when given half a chance. When our needs are accommodated, everyone’s life will be easier and more beautiful.

Come and check out the art at the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective on 2516 Douglas Street (on the number 4 bus route). The art will be available for viewing and buying from May 23rd to June 9th.
Presented by: the fifty fifty arts collective and The Canadian Disability Studies Association