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Always Moving, Slowly Moving by Sara MacLean

Sat. October 19th 2013 - Sun. November 3rd 2013 Exhibition Hours: www.http://thefiftyfifty.net
Animated photograms illustrate the absence and presence of the lone figure in nature. The mechanical sounds of the film camera relentlessly mark the seconds as gloved hands animate papery mountain photograms, a gesture towards storytelling – a retelling of something already gone. A solitary retreat into the Rocky Mountains by a dancer (MacLean) who attempts to hold still poses against the wind and the slow geological movement of the landscape itself. Appearing, disappearing, balanced on a precipice and hanging from the sky, in search of a place and posture where the living and the dead can co-exist in a moment. This black and white hand processed film (16mm transferred to HD) is accompanied by a cedar viewing platform scented of the forest.
Presented by: the fifty fifty arts collective and Antimatter Festival