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Mummer: Paintings by Roy Green

Thu. January 30th 2014 - Sun. February 16th 2014
Mummer is a painting installation by Roy Green inspired by the annual Mummer's Parade held every December in St. John's , Newfoundland. Mummers originated in Medieval times and have been a part of Newfoundland culture for over 150 years. Mummers are disguised, gender is flip-flopped, and revelry ensues as Mummers parade down the streets of St. John's banging ugly sticks and flapping the jaws of handmade hobby horses. The masked Mummers are a kind of neo-Dada archetype,subverting conventions and creating a kind of 3-D living social sculpture collage. Roy's photographic and video documentation inspired a series of large mixed-media works on paper and a series of smaller "portraits" on canvas. Through the daily ritual of my painting practice Roy is seeking a synergy between the figurative and the abstract, the sacred and the profane, the abject and the marvelous.

Opening reception Jan. 30th from 7-10PM