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Glossed and Tucked by Frances Adair Mckenzie

Thu. April 23rd 2015 - Sun. May 10th 2015
Glossed and Tucked is a visual exploration of metaphor, eroticism and fétichisation. The work focuses on a desire driven construction of self, through commodities and the alternative narratives to be discovered in everyday objects.

Frances Adair Mckenzie is a Montreal based New Media artist originating from 100 Mile House BC. Her work is an exploration of technology and mediums, melding performance, illustration, animation and projection. She is also the Co-Director with composer Aleks Schurmer of the collective Party Like it's 1699. Their aim, is to take classical music from the confines of the modern concert hall and reclaim it as a popular medium.

Opening reception April 23rd from 7-10PM