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Una Superficie Tangible (A Tangible Surface) by Rojas Chaves Sergio Rojas Chaves

Thu. May 14th 2015 - Sun. May 31st 2015 see www.thefiftyfifty.net for up to date viewing hours
Sergio Rojas Chaves is a Costa Rican artist currently based in Victoria, B.C.

With a background in architecture and community development, Sergio explores themes of materiality, object-hood, geographical identity and spatial awareness.

He works predominantly in three dimensional mediums (sculpture+installation) yet he also sustains a video and
photography practice.

In “A Tangible Surface” Rojas Chaves' most recent exhibition, we encounter work created between San José and Victoria. This distance in between places of creation has given the artist an enlarged sense of spatial dimensions. The need to communicate this recently encountered awareness lead Rojas Chaves to create this new series.

A tangible surface is one that gives the viewer a sense of volume and weight without the need of physical interaction. Our experience of extension is made through inference: that looks heavy, that seems thick. Mass, density, volume-- we only experience these as surface. We never know the heart of an object, never the "thing-in-itself" (ding an sich),only the surface-- it is the surface of the object that we immediately find ourselves in a relationship to.

Opening reception Thursday May 14th 7 - 10PM
Regular viewing hours can be found under the "about" tab on our website http://www.thefiftyfifty.net