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Processing Rockbay an installation by: Rachel Ziriada, Mikhail Miller

Thu. October 8th 2015 - Sun. October 25th 2015
the fifty fifty arts collective Free (No Minors)
please visit https://thefiftyfifty.net for updated hours
Rachel Ziriada is an emerging visual and sound artist from Calgary currently working in Victoria. She graduated from UVIC’s visual arts department in 2015. She has shown her work in group shows in Calgary, Montreal and Victoria.

Mikhail Miller is a visual artist, also from Calgary and currently working in Victoria. After graduating from ACAD in 2006, he has participated in many eclectic projects across Canada and Mexico. He has been involved with art centers including the Banff Centre and at the Ministry of Casual living in Victoria. This is the third show he has participated in at the fifty fifty.

In July 2015, Rachel and Mikhail collaborated in an installation at Fresh Paint Gallery in Montreal. This is their second project they have worked on together.

Processing RockBay is a site specific installation incorporating documentation of a three week immersive period in the neighborhood surrounding the Fifty-Fifty Arts Collective. The use of physical objects gleaned from manufacturing industries, digital sound and video material sourced from the area and frayed and discarded materials found on the street casts a varied light on the dynamic community of Rock Bay. Collecting artifacts from a specific place and time, filtering the material through an aesthetic process and ultimately displaying the outcome in a controlled gallery environment is the artists attempt to understand the significance of this area socially, environmentally, and economically.