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The Driven by Ilja Herb Ilja Herb

Thu. October 29th 2015 7pm - 10pm
Ilja Herb is a visual artist based in Victoria BC. His work uses digital and traditional analogue image making technologies, layers, and elements of collage to explore cross-cultural perceptions and assumed contexts of time, resource use, and ethnography.

The Driven is a photo series of vintage outboard motors -- isolated and dreamlike in an elevated post-pop fashion, each motor bends time. They are at once droid-like, capably and futuristically poised to fly, while remaining grounded as dead and useless historical artifacts. But within the dents, scratches, and grime visible in each motor there is a painted history of Canada's west coast -- these were the motors that were there -- and in their reprisal, their second act will leave you with a new appreciation for old engines and the role they played in the exploration, and exploitation, of the coast.

Also exhibited: The Fishmongers - Portraits of Ghanaian women carrying impossibly heavy loads of fish on their heads with effortless elegance that defies their raucous style and strength.