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Raw Earths and Railway Spikes: Amidst Ghosts of Future History Jeffrey Wynne

Thu. January 7th 2016 - Sun. January 24th 2016 hours vary check facebook for gallery hours
'Raw Earths and Railway Spikes: Amidst Ghosts of Future History' is a remembrance of truths that will never be known. It is a story about the colonization of Western Canada, of histories of resource extraction, and of shifting settler identities amidst the faces of national mythology.

My name is Jeffrey Wynne, and I am a 23 year-old multi-disciplinary artist originally from Victoria, Canada. Raised within the Jewish culture from an entirely settler ancestry, I’ve lived in Cascadia my whole life, yet struggle to recognize the land I live in. Weaving unknowns through continuities of remembrance, my work conjures unspoken aspects of my family’s heritage which have been historically stigmatized and concealed as a result of state assimilation policy in North America and Europe.

This work is comprised of several projects in diverse media ranging from intaglio, photography, installation, text-based work and documented performance. In offering these narratives, I seek to reveal insight into the historical implications of colonization while creating space for developing new understandings toward responsible social agency. Through the investigation of socio-ecological narratives which comprise Western Canadian pluralities of hybrid consciousness, Raw Earths and Railway Spikes shifts through remnants of inherited histories to present visions for the future.

Show up from January 7-24