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Standard Appreciation Abby Hutchison, Sarah Strohan

Sat. August 27th 2016 - Sat. September 10th 2016 See thefiftyfifty.net for gallery hours
Curated by Abby Hutchison and Sarah Strohan

Standard Appreciation is a curated group show where each participating artist will show their work in a poster format. The show will provide a platform for numerous local (and far away but locally connected) artists to show together. The participants come from a variety of artistic backgrounds and will be drawing from their usual practice and medium to work within the format of a printed poster. The format of a poster has been chosen as a unifying theme, but also for it's its accessibility to the viewer. Posters will be for sale and we invite the audience to stop by and take in the show and take home a piece of art.

Participating Artists Include:

Callum MacConnell
Ray Panke
Kenny D
Jeff Ellom
Jennifer Timmer Trail
Olivia Meek
Mieke Van Delft
Georia Graham
Mischa Greig
Spencer Pidgeon
Guy Ferguson
Sarah Strohan
Abby Hutchison
Elyse Longair
Mason Devries
Ella Jackson
Kye Plant
Nick Picard
Alysha Farling
Robert Dininno

Opening: August 27, 6PM - 10PM
Show runs: August 27 - September 10

See thefiftyfifty.net for gallery hours.

Standard Appreciation is being presented as part of the Integrate Art Society (Integrate Arts Festival)