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Neah Kelly: Problem Finding ≥ Problem Solving Neah Kelly

Thu. July 13th 2017 - Sun. July 30th 2017
the fifty fifty arts collective By Donation (All Ages)
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Neah Kelly: Problem Finding ≥ Problem Solving

Kelly's artwork is foremost a series of investigations on form and how the mechanics of spatial tensions, colour, mark making, materiality, scale and their relationships to each other unfold and inform my process.. Kelly is interested in a purely imaginative exercise where the minimal shapes she uses come about through intuitive preference, chance and imagination rather than the abstracting of shapes through various acts of perception, association and encounter. Play, the repetitive act of making, as well as the ensuing absurdity and chaos that unfold from the adherence to rules are a motivating curiosity in her work.

What happens when we continually deconstruct one element over and over again? It becomes a cyclical process, an act of abstraction, and a way to infuse an action with intent, while removing linear interpretations that focus on the objects of process rather than the process itself. Through this action, which is linear, process also becomes abstracted and becomes an absurd act that leads towards an absurd object. All these ensuing permutations, manifestations, objects, pieces, works are about process, they are not the story in and of themselves. Together they form the story, which is one of complexity, nonsense, playfulness and the chaos that comes from creativity.


the fifty fifty arts collective is comprised of individuals living and working on unceded and occupied First Nations Territories, specifically the lands of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations, as well as the W̱SÁNEĆ, Sc'ianew and T'Souke First Nations.

The programming space itself is situated on Songhees and Esquimalt Territory but engages with individuals and communities across Turtle Island.

As a collective we endeavour to deepen our own understandings of how we are implicated in the history and in the present ongoing project of settler colonialism. As members of the fifty fifty arts collective we continually responsibilize ourselves to the complex kind of space that is the fifty fifty which hosts and facillitates the dissemenation of the ideas and work of others.

Accessibility Information:
The entrance to the fifty fifty arts collective is wheelchair accessible, however the door is not automatic and we have no washrooms on site. A more comprehensive statement regarding our accessibilty is in progress, specific questions or requests regarding accessibilty can be sent to [email protected]