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the 14th Annual fifty fifty arts collective ROCK LOTTERY! Smoke Eaters, Grotto Mall, Scars and Scarves, Sealion, Novel, DEATH KART, COLD CREATURE, The High Arctic , SCHOOLGIRL, Glum, Chance Lovett and the Broken Hearted, Teenage Wedding, Zuzu's Petals, Spiral Coyote , L.L.

Sat. August 19th 2017
Logan's Pub $10 (No Minors)
2000 - 0100
The 14th annual the fifty fifty arts collective ROCK LOTTERY is coming up Aug. 19th at Logan's Pub. $10 at the door.

We are excited to announce, this years participants come from such bands as....

Golden Hand
Smoke Eaters
Sea lion
Death Kart
High Arctic
Chance Lovett and The Broken Hearted
Spiral Coyote
Prince Shima
Zuzu's Petals
And then there was
Teenage Wedding
Scars & Scarves
Lost Bouys
Overseas Territory
Naked Chillen

Hosted by local comedians Ryan Bangma and Evan Mumford.

Thanks to Habit Coffee and Logan's Pub for your generous support.

Submissions are now closed.

What is Rock Lottery?

On the morning of August 13th at 11AM selected musicians gather at the fifty fifty arts collective's gallery (2516 Douglas St.) for bagels and coffee. At this time everyone's name is put into a hat. Team captains are selected, the names are drawn from a hat randomly and each person is assigned to their team aka new band!

Generally we put together 4 bands for the show but there have been 5 in the past. Depends on how many people sign up and are accepted.

After each team/band is created they then go off to their assigned jam spaces to come up with a 30min. set to practice and perform later that night at Logan's. The only rule is that there are no covers allowed. It must be original material and it must fit within a 30 min. set.

That's it! It's super fun. Over the years we've had 100's of local musicians participate and it's always a blast. The Rock Lottery helps us raise money for our music programming so we can continue bring interesting, avante garde and experimental music to Victoria.

Submissions are now closed.

We are always looking for more sponsors!
please email [email protected] if you'd like to assist us this year with prizes and/or if you have any questions about this event.