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Vortex to Eden MOPE Collective

Thu. January 4th 2018 - Sun. January 28th 2018
Vortex to Eden is a multidisciplinary study of pseudoscience and conspiracy theory, centralized around the account of Admiral Byrd, who claimed the Earth was hollow in the mid 20th century, after he flew his plane through a vortex located at the North Pole. Considering the myriad levels of social, political and philosophical queries begged of the hollow earth theory, this exhibition is an open ended investigation of manufactured utopias and making sense.

Mope Bio:
Every opportunity is maximized. Every show is treated like our last. Punk ideologies fused with spiritualism. Immense respect and reverence of nature and others. Belief in the self and trusting instincts. Allowing emotions to dictate actions, desires and reflections. DIY ethos, creating from nothing. Lofi aesthetics. Non-conformist. Honouring our own histories as important but also not essential to future production. Positivity above all else. Allow space for vulnerability and doubt. Revel in the now. MOPE is not an acronym, although it is sometimes fun to pretend. MOPE is motivated by love and uses satire and sincerity to present various potentials of reality inhabited physically and psychically. MOPE is Leah McInnis, Danielle Roberts and Kai Choufour.