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Blue Crush Kerri Flannigan

Mon. August 13th 2018 - Sat. September 8th 2018
the fifty fifty arts collective By Donation (All Ages)
*please see facebook page for list of current gallery hours, or due to the volunteer-run nature of the collective space, email the fifty fifty to arrange viewing*
Drawing on both historical perspectives and personal stories, Blue Crush considers the ways that we inherit, inhabit, and embody our differing lived experiences, and how these experiences inform our relationship to swimming.

By positioning sites such as pools and beaches as both places of recreation, and as colonized and contested spaces, swimming and beach culture are explored through the intimacy of personal narratives within the larger context of social and political realties. From the history of the breast stroke to All Bodies Swim's, from civil rights wade-in's to coming-of-age experiences in Christianwaterparks, Blue Crush is an intersectional portrait of swim culture.