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Sometimes Hollis Roberts

Fri. November 9th 2018 - Fri. November 30th 2018 Please reference our wesbsite for updated hours of operation. *Please Note* Gallery viewing by appointment is welcome and encouraged.
The fifty fifty is pleased to present Hollis Robert's in an exhibition alongside Makeshift Contemporary Textile Festival. For more information on Makeshift, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/535255260256008/

Originally from the Comox Valley, Hollis Roberts completed her BFA in Visual Arts from the University of Victoria in 2016. Her practice in sculpture and photography consists of object and image making through lenses of personal experiences, and interrogations of social constructs and class systems— utilizing materials and objects to dismantle and juxtapose concepts surrounding these complex ideas. Roberts

The body of work Sometimes, grew out of an exploration of grief and time. By examining themes of gender, labour and the domestic, this body of work reflects on how grief can provide an opportunity to re-approach ideas of value and its relation to the self. The body of work is a reflection; asking the viewer to step back and challenge what is in front of them, and to reflect on the physicality of the object.
The value of labour in the field of sculpture is often associated with the celebration of its monumentality produced by ideas of masculine labour, and consequently, the marginalization of textile based work being gendered as feminine. The amalgamation of fabric and steel in these pieces present a tension tied to historical perceptions as existing solely in the domestic realm of femininity.
The sculptures are apparatuses to provoke and engage with an ongoing dialogue that exacerbates and irritates the relentless topics of gender, labour, and how sculpture is still read through the binary lens of what is or what is not gendered work and how simultaneously these concepts can exist together, creating an ambiguity that challenges these constructs