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Leviathanic Allusion Natasha van Netten

Thu. January 10th 2019 - Fri. January 25th 2019 Please reference our website for updated hours of operation. *Please Note* Gallery viewing by appointment is welcome and encouraged.
The White Whale. Biblical sea monsters. Throughout history whales have simultaneously inspired awe and fear. Stories of these ancient creatures have been passed down through the ages—from myth to novel.

In Leviathanic Allusion Natasha van Netten brings together contemporary art and themes of whale research. This dynamic exhibition showcases a variety of drawings, oil paintings, sculptures and installations. The work is inspired by museum displays, infographics, specimens and diagrams. Her practice is motivated by the mysteriousness of whales and the pioneering science of cetology (whale research). Van Netten investigates whales from a variety of unique perspectives in this exhibition including an ongoing piece that changes to reflect the fluctuating population of our southern resident killer whales, works on paper about commodity and whales and an immersive installation about krill.

Natasha van Netten received a Diploma of Fine Art from the Vancouver Island School of Art in 2016. She was honoured to be a recipient of the Robin Hopper Legacy Award from the Victoria Visual Arts Legacy Society and received an Award of Excellence at the Sooke Fine Art Show. She has participated in artist in residence programs in both the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation. van Netten has exhibited in the United States, Czech Republic, Russian Federation and in various Canadian galleries and venues including the Robert Batman Centre, The Maritime Museum of British Columbia, the Vancouver Telus World of Science, the Slide Room Gallery and Xchanges Gallery. She is currently preparing for a research and development trip in New Zealand where she will be creating work about whales in the South Pacific.

Artist website: http://www.natashavannetten.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/n_van_netten
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nvannettenart
Gallery Website: http://www.fiftyfifty.net