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Flex in a Void Tereza Tacic

Thu. September 12th 2019 - Fri. October 4th 2019 *Please Note* Gallery viewing by appointment is welcome and encouraged. We are run and kept open entirely by the effort of volunteer labor. If you know exactly when you are going to come by the exhibition space and want to ensure we will be open, please send us an email or facebook message before visiting the gallery so we can confirm that we will have someone there to meet you.
Flex in a Void is an experimental painting show which uses the ritual of abstract painting as a means of negotiating non-binary identities. Tacic uses the acceptance and subversion of the historic weight of painting’s materiality as a vehicle to play with gender binaries, an artist’s place within gender roles, and the abstract space outside of the binary. Placing focus on bold colours, fabricated materials, and three dimensional compositions, Flex in a Void creates a playful atmosphere which encourages the viewer to poke fun at societal pressures on gendered bodies, materials, and expectations, while embracing the potential of the void outside of binaries.

Tereza Tacic is a non-binary emerging interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver. She completed her BFA with distinction at Concordia University and has spent time as an independent researcher at Kyoto University of Art and Design. Often self-reflexive in nature, Tacic’s work investigates the impulse to create. It is made with an attempt to understand it’s own need to be made within the artist. Placing emphasis on materiality and process, their work remains ernest to the importance of an artist’s history and identity. She has shown at AIDA Gallery, Osaka, Japan; SKOL, Montreal; and Sweet Pup Studios, Vancouver.


the fifty fifty arts collective is comprised of individuals living and working on unceded and occupied First Nations Territories, specifically the lands of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations, as well as the W̱SÁNEĆ, Sc'ianew and T'Souke First Nations.

The programming space itself is situated on Songhees and Esquimalt Territory but engages with individuals and communities across Turtle Island.

As a collective we endeavour to deepen our own understandings of how we are implicated in the history and in the present ongoing project of settler colonialism. As members of the fifty fifty arts collective we continually responsibilize ourselves to the complex kind of space that is the fifty fifty which hosts and facilitates the dissemination of the ideas and work of others.

Accessibility Information:
The entrance to the fifty fifty arts collective is wheelchair accessible, however the door is not automatic and we have no washrooms on site. A more comprehensive statement regarding our accessibility is in progress, specific questions or requests regarding accessibility can be sent to [email protected]