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Victoria's first ever ROCK LOTTERY - feat. the finest from the local music scene.

Sat. April 30th 2005 9pm
25 local musicians, 5 randomly selected bands, 8 hours of frenzied collaboration, 1 rock concert never to be experienced again . . . priceless.

Featuring: Ryan Beattie (Chet); Neil Cook-Dahlin (Captians of Industry); Diona Davies (The Derby); Jane Duncan; Isaac Flaag (Chet); Emily Gooden (Chet, The Pickles); Emi Honda (Sound Stories); Brad Kurushima (Ghosts); Colin Macrae (Pigment Vehicle); Autumn M.; Jordan Mckenzie (Sound Stories); J Mclaughlan; Tolan Mcneil (Gov'nors of Giv'ner); Michael Milgaard (Lakeboat); Hank Pine (Hank & Lilly); Sarah Rhude (The Derby); Jesse Scott (Lakeboat); David P. Smith; Grayson Walker (Ex - Frog Eyes) and many more . . .

check the growing line up at : http://www.thefiftyfifty.org