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P:ano, Parenthetical Girls, Blackavar

Mon. April 25th 2005 9pm
> Blackavar is the dark-folk music project of Laura Cartwright and Nyla Raney joined by Stefan Udell and Nick Krgovich.
Songs of black rivers, shape shifters and eating bright cakes, sure toupturn the soul in the best way." Debut recording out on Transiberrianmid-2005.
>Parenthetical Girls began with the purest of intentions, and based on a interest in the musics of Spectrum, Rough Trade, Brian Eno, and Phil Spector. Currently they sound like Xiu Xiu's sweeter sibling, and fittingly they share membership with said band. http://www.slendermeanssociety.com/parenthetical
>P:ano are a group that enjoy working in stark contrasts; a colourfully orchestrated song about a widow sweeping the driveway, will be set next to a minimal two-note romp about a ghost threatening tohaunt your guest bedroom, and to them, everything will seem right. New album "Brigadoon" is out April 5 2005.