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Thomas Di Ninno, Freak Heat Waves

Sat. June 20th 2020
@  Online By Donation (All Ages)
2000 - 2130
the fifty fifty arts collective presents our 2nd livestream concert event of the year featuring

Thomas Di Ninno
Freak Heat Waves
solo performance!!

Thomas Di Ninno has been a local visual and music artist in the Victoria arts scene for some time. His music career has taken him all over the world with his popular post punk experimental art band Freak Heat Waves. You may have seen his poster art around town or been to one of his performances at the ministry of casual living. Abby his partner was our gallery coordinator for the last couple of years.

Thomas started FHW with his good buddy Steve. Starting as a full band with rotating members over the years,.FHW has mostly featured Steve and Thomas in the last little while shying away from live drums and guitars to more synthesized sounds and sampling. FHW has an un-mistakeable sound. Infused with post punk energy the music comes through as more experimental and vibey with the band drawing from many influences from electronic music to, funk, soul and kosmische. It's hard to put a finger on their specific sound but if you like bands like John Mouse and The Fall you'd really dig. Currently FHW is signed by the music label Telephone Explosion. Their latest album Beyond XXXL was released April 6 2018.

Nowadays Thomas and Steve are still working on music. Steve mostly resides in Montreal. As a band it's much harder for them to get together for shows unless they are playing a tour circuit. It's also hard due to the current pandemic and the fact that we really don't know when we'll be allowed to enjoy music in public again. Hence our livestream series!

Check out their rad catalogue on bandcamp and get ready for an awesome show!

the show is free and funded by Feed the Arts in the CRD.

If you appreciate the performance and would like to send a donation directly to the artist, I'll be posting e-transfer links soon. The suggested donation is $5 - $10 or you can support the artist by purchasing music and merch from their bandcamp.

The show will be hosted on our Twitch profile assuming everything goes as planned! This is only our 2nd one so be patient the night of. We may have some technical glitches.

Follow this link for the live broadcast at 8PM