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Later Impressions Tyler Witzel

Sat. June 20th 2020 - Sat. July 18th 2020
On Later Impressions

As a child, I discovered a small hollow below the surface of my backyard. From this cavernous space, I pulled out fragments of dirt-caked, painted porcelain. Laying out the pieces for examination, I was not only transfixed by the mystery of this unexpected find, but also by the history of the objects and their one-time existence as whole and useful entities. They were inextricably connected to people, places, and ideas. They told a story. Unable to reconstruct the pieces to their original state, I created a mosaic with them in the dirt. I liken my process of creating images to this experience. My drawings, paintings and sculptures are the results of excavations. I prospect an idea or theme and then break ground. I look inward, pulling fragments up to the surface —associations, symbols, metaphors—and reassemble them into a single narrative. Visually, the end result is a harmonization of disparate graphic elements. Though not always presented in a traditional or orderly fashion, there is still a story to be read.
For "Later Impressions" I will be displaying new paintings as well as work created over the past two years at various artist residencies around the world.


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