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4 artist 4 days Richard Quirk, Dead Malls, LAMEDH, Ylang Ylang

Fri. August 28th 2020 - Tue. August 25th 2020
the fifty fifty arts collective By Donation (All Ages)
the fifty fifty arts collective and Feed the Arts in the CRD present
August 25th - 28th @ 7PM sharp
Tune in live Via Twitch (you don't need an account to watch content on this service)

Aug. 25
Richard Quirk (UK)
Richard Quirk has been performing music both as a solo & band artist for over ten years with over twenty, plus other compilations and radio sessions, as a solo artist and with Twice Dead, The Chasms and Sandfingers. His work draws inspiration from early Eno, the noise melodies of My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins, Delia Derbyshire’s tape music and late night shortwave radio.

Richard has performed in Canada, Europe and the US over the past twenty years. His current work focuses on a slow decay of overlapping music mixed with rhythms, utilizing old delay machines (tape or early digital technology) that have extended sound on sound looping that degrade the sound with each pass through the loop played alongside drum samplers.

Melodic pieces are played on a portable modular synthesizer, electric piano and cassette loops into one, or several, delay machines, and the melodic pieces overlap as they are looped in the sound on sound delays, creating ever new variations as they degrade with each pass.

Aug. 26
Deadmalls (BC)
Featuring Kees Dekker (The Backhomes) and sometimes players Aimee Van Drimmelen and Garrett McClure (Scars and Scarves, Teenage Violets, Golden Hand)
deadmalls is an experiment in psychedelic drone explorations with captivating video imagery created by Aimee. Think Sonic Boom but a little more laid back.

Aug. 27
LAMEDH aka ML Merlot (BC)
A long standing creative arts force in the Victoria BC region. LAMEDH plays with song textures while using chants and vocal melodies to conjure up her muses. LAMEDH's music's content matter dabbles in the esoteric while the sonics take you on a spooky ride in to the cosmic ether.

Aug. 28
Ylang Ylang (QC)
Sparce, brooding experimental electronic music with emotional turbulence from a place of spiritual calm. Iridescent synth drones and sparse laptop beats gelled into an abstract ambient pop that’s as equally suited to attentive gallery space performances as the kind of venues you have to direct message for their address. Their latest album Interplay, layers raw electronics with live instruments, building introspective and sophisticated songs glazed in noise. Read the whole Pitchfork review here https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/ylang-ylang-interplay/

All these performances are free but we strongly urge you to donate to the artists by purchasing from their bandcamp page and by adding them to your digital music streaming service playlists.

Artists are struggling right now and livestreaming is the only way for them to provide a live experience without being on the road. Happily we can pay them with a grant from the Capital Region District Feed the Arts campaign but that $ only goes so far.

All performances start at 7PM sharp. The performances can also be streamed up to 14 days after this event at this link https://www.twitch.tv/fifty_fifty_arts_live/videos