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Champion, Alberta (Edmonton Space Rock Trio), The Fine Options, No Hands (Edmonton)

Sat. May 14th 2005 9:00
>Champion, Alberta are a bass-less three piece act featuring an innovative, jangular approach to pop music. The band came together in a south side Edmonton basement four years ago and started out playing shows under the name The Tom Cruise Missile. The tempos are driving and energized, the chords are dissonant and the keyboards are layered, textured and melodic... the music is always set against a flurry of chaotic aesthetic collage as the band has collaborated with visual artists all the way from Montreal to Victoria.


>No Hands combine the ramshackle simplicity of dirty punk n' roll with drum-machines, guitars, samplers and skanky keyboard chords.
This trio glean the trashy elements of seminal 70s punk and soul performers such as This Heat, Suicide, and The Velvet Underground. No Hands have recorded a 4 song EP with engineer NIK KOZUB. The "Free For All EP" is now out on Roast Records.
No Hands endorse no particular ethic, ideal or value.


> the fine options are the self proclaimed pioneers of modern post-dutch progressive prague rock with a hint of chicago deep dish hard house and neo-industrial technical grindcore. they are back in town to support their Edmonton buds and play for you.