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Maryam Tavakoli

Thu. June 29th 2023 - Sat. July 22nd 2023 Viewings by appointment
Like a Circle in A Spiral" is an attempt to re-interpret the identity-memory relationship. As in, the identity that cannot be reachable independent of memories, and the memories that cannot be remembered, or even stored without reflecting on the identity of the person carrying them.

The experience of "Like a Circle in A Spiral" starts with visual engagement within the twists and turns of charcoal marks on Tavakoli's drawings. Tavakoli uses collage as a starting point to create detailed and impactful charcoal drawings that incorporate family photographs, found images of war and conflicts, and moments of human connection and remembrance. With her masterful touch, the artist intends to draw the audience into this condensed collection of moments that resembles the fragmentation of identity and leave them to ponder. The curious audience is now beckoned on to an immersive viewing experience that sets them up for provocation of personal emotions/memories in a dynamic place. There, Tavakoli experiments with multiplying and layering sheer fabric drapes within the space so that the subtle movement, transparency, and interaction of images offer new narrative possibilities.

Tavakoli cuts and mends images from her own memory, embracing the distortion of memory in its relationship to remembered. Given the complex overlapping nature of the two concepts, "Like a Circle in A Spiral" reflects upon the fact that memory and identity cannot be defined separately, and highlights the fluidity and dynamism of memory.