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Glass Plates (Victoria) , Imps (Vancouver), Vocal Grooming

Sat. July 16th 2005 9pm
Glass Plates is an improvised acoustic trio that works through the quieter side of the new music movement. They explore aural textures not often associated with their chosen instruments, allowing them to challenge the listener's (and their own) notions of timbre and structure.

featuring jeffrey allport: snare drum, trumpet; chandan narayan: autoharp; robert pedersen: trombone

Jeffrey Allport has been active in improvising communities in Vancouver and Victoria, BC as well as Japan. He most often collaborates with Tim Olive (Japan) as a duo but has also performed across the US and Europe with the likes of Axel Dorner, , Rhodri Davies, Taku Sugimoto, and Greg Kelley, among others. Chandan Narayan is an acoustic phonetician and applies extended techniques to the autoharp. He was active for many years with numerous improvised groupings in Ann Arbor, MI. Robert Pedersen is under the spell of the aforementioned Allport and Narayan. He owns a used bookstore in Vancouver where live, creative music happens, regularly.

Imps is a favourite of Victoria's small but growing new music scene. always dynamic, this four piece features drums, accordian, melodica and anything else that happens to be on the stage on a given evening, not to mention some of the finest improvised vocal work you are likely to see any time soon.

Vocal Grooming is the masked dude, offering spacious noise ingocnito. you know and love him but never before he hits the stage.