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Skeletons & the Girl Faced Boys, Fah She, Victoria, Victoria!

Tue. August 16th 2005 9pm
Skeletons and the Girl-Faced Boys: As a co-founding member of Shinkoyo records, Matt Mehlan retains the label¹s core ideals of collaboration, experimentation, and unpredictability with his Skeletons project. Beginning in Oberlin, Ohio as a solo act with help from an eclectic cast of collaborators (classically-trained trombonists, punk rock drummers, a junkyard boy's choir), Skeletons has now settled comfortably into its adult body, having established the full-time band The Girl-FacedBoysand forming an alliance with Ghostly. In addition to appearances at the 2004 CMJ and 2005 SxSW festivals, the group has lent live support to TV On The Radio, The Unicorns, VHS Or Beta, Animal Collective, Holger Czukay (of Can), Jackie O' Motherfucker, and Twig Harper.

Fa She: The amorphous Fa She (Fashi Mello? The Faci?) have caused a rumble underground with wild, cryptically advertised (if at all) shows. Expect weird from their current mutation, bonfire-style noise ceremonies.

Avert your eyes in dismay as Victoria, Victoria! (formerly The Exceptions) shake and sweat their way through a perverse devil's liturgy of garage pop.
Satisfaction unlikely.