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to those found. in mirrored hearts Juliana Sech

Thu. June 27th 2024 Available by appointment, gallery hours to be announced
to be found, first is to be seen.
a visual conversation of material & emotional states of being.
a dedication to those tangible & intangible,
present // breathing / here

where was it found?
in the bite of an over ripe strawberry,
metal rusting in the rain (locked without a key) left lone at the park at 2:34am,
through the words spilled out of a lover’s mouth,
inside yourself, a feeling still to be understood,
in a mirrored heart?

touched without fingertips,
seen without eyes,
it is still real.

an invitation,
for you,
to see, feel, and, even one day, maybe love.

Artist Bio

Juliana Sech @julianasech_ is a queer interdisciplinary artist, where a works concept informs the medium chosen. She has experience in textile, drawing, painting, yet primarily gravitates to sculpture, video, photography, performance, and installation. Where performance intersects with video, photography is used to document life & humans as is, and installation informs sculpture where objects relationally communicate with intention, each holding their own association and stimuli to a human. These objects are usually found used and/or abandoned, taken in with admiration. She lives, studied and works on the unceded lands of Lekwungen-speaking peoples; those of the Songhees, Esquimalt and W̱SÁNEĆ nations. In 2023, she graduated from the University of Victoria with a BFA in Honors of Visual Art and minor in Psychology. Juliana has exhibited, published and screened their work for Sweetpea Gallery, UVic’s Audain Gallery, Sexpo, The Layaway, Resonance Collective, THE SHOW, and This Side of West. She has curated & co-curated multidisciplinary art exhibitions including Soft Spit, Liquid Prism, fluid, Killjoys, and been the Art Director for Sexpo in 2022 & 2023. Now, shares their first solo exhibition, to those found, in mirrored hearts, with the fifty fifty arts collective.