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Shock Corridor Cinema Presents The Original Version of KING KONG (1933)

Tue. January 24th 2006 8pm
Perhaps the most iconic figure Hollywood has ever produced. The original King Kong is the product of Merian Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, both documentarians that spent most of their filmmaking careers embarking on journey's into the far reaches of the globe in search of exotic settings for their unique brand of docudramas. Kong is, to be sure, an extension of this cycle, albeit an example of the filmmaker's imaginations in hyper drive. A giant ape is captured from the fictitious world of Skull Island, and brought back to Manhattan for Broadway-like exploitation. Fay Wray, horror cinema's original scream queen, develops a sympathetic fondness for the beast, making for some touching pathos that makes Frank Capra look like a sinner. The film's special effects, primarily its stop motion photography, has been influential in the development of contemporary digital animation. "It is difficult to find a special effects technician – or a director of effects-driven films – who does not list Kong as a primary influence." --John McGowan-Hartmann. If you want to see why Peter Jackson has a hardon for this story, you will have to view the original. In glorious black and white. yes there is sound and dialogue.