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Kill Rockstars! recording artists They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, Away, Ri'o!, Dante Decaro, Colourbook

Sat. May 27th 2006
the fifty fifty arts collective 8$ adv., $10 @ door (All Ages)
8:00 - 11:30 doors at 7:30
*There will be limited tickets @ the door*
A benefit fot the 50/50!!
The Fifty Fifty- She floats again, a fine ship at that! Ho! Though capacity & the fuzz (filth, pigs, po-po on th' block) are still an issue- It's 50/50 V the 5-0. In that right, there will be limited capacity & NO BOOZE WHATSOEVER! Please concider that the venue is under staunch scrutiny & that any booze, especially in the hands of wee ones, will put the collective at risk & as such, we're just not going to tolerate anyone, bands or not, drinking. Please please please be conciderate of this & advise others to do the same.
The show will be a bit earlier than most 50/50 shows, meaning it will start at regular all ages time & end the same. That & capacity concidered, please come early! Advanced tickets go on sale Monday @ Ditch, of which there will be limited. Thereafter, there WILL be tickets at the door, though no guaranteed amount (no spralling guest lists or VIP/people who concider themselves to be VIPs will be given special treatment).
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