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Second Annual ROCK LOTTERY

Sat. July 15th 2006
Logan's Pub $7 (No Minors)
10pm doors at 9pm
25 musicians. 5 randomly selected bands. a single evening to pursue the rock n' roll lifestyle.

The Concept: Twenty-five carefully selected musicians meet in the A.M at the arts collective. They are a cross-section of the music community with divergent levels of musicianship and experience. The musicians are organized into four or five bands through a lottery-based chance selection. The bands depart to different pre scheduled practice spaces and are given 8-10 hours to create a twenty minute set of original music (with a one cover-song limit). Each band is asked to create a unified sound while still maintaining the individual styles of the members. At 10:00 P.M., the bands return to the venue and perform their songs infront of a waiting audience. friendly fun!

participants include:

Joseph McAnally (Exceptions/Victoria Victoria)
Callianne Bachman (The Raygun)
Patrick Beattie (Chet/Lakeboat)
Ryan Beattie (Chet/Himalayan Bear)
Megan Boddy (Hank and Lilly Choir)`
Don Chessa (Open Space New Music)
Michael Collinge (Western Birds)
Neil Cooke-Dallin (Captains of Industry/ Espionage)
Chris Cownden (Mile Zero)
Jane Duncan (fifty fifty arts collective)
Pam Duns (Prancing Cat)
Galen Hartley (Elephant Island/Panty Boy)
Will Koltai (Meatdraw)
Tommy Lacroix (Ministry of Casual Living)
Danielle Lebeau - Peterson (Hank and Lilly Choir)
Michael Milgard (Lakeboat)
Kristian North (Vin Cat)
Sarah Pelzer (Hank and Lilly Choir/Don't Spook the Horse).
Sarah Rhude (Po' Girl)
Jessie Scott (Lakeboat)
Grayson Walker (Hearse/Frog Eyes)
Cristina Woods (Duo Twang/Green Tea)

Presented by: the fifty fifty arts collective
Tickets at: Pat's Pub & Brewhouse