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Ent-Ausserung's 1 Year Anniversary! A Luna Red, Krmtx, Ghosts, Fuck Me Usa

Sat. April 26th 2003 11:00 pm
Ent-Ausserung celebrates one year of live music life support. Ahh, the posters, the shows, the foolish newsletters, the injokes, the accusations, the memories...

In honour of that special moment when Dan and Jay, spurned on by visions of Swiss bank accounts, boyish prostitutes, and Bolivian cocaine piles, decided to attach a Hegelian term to themselves, a soiree is being held.

Not just 1, but 2 GSL Records artists traipse over the watery divide to prance and dance for you. You may remember KRMTX as The Chromatics, now a 2 piece from Seattle, Washington... Former incarnations had ex-Blood Brothers and ex-Vogue ties.

Ghosts performs an all new set with a new lineup. Somebody bandied around Interpol and the Smiths references...

Fuck Me USA and an improv percussionist? Maybe.

The 50/50 Collective is located at 416 Craigflower Rd - across from Bainsfield Park and the Vic-West Community Y.

It's fucking cheap - $6. Just factor in the bus fare to Vic West! Haw.