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GHQ (members of Double Leopards and Pelt), Michael Flower (of Vibracathedral Orchestra, UK), Magnetic Ring, Imps.

Fri. September 8th 2006 9pm
Friday, September 8th; 9pm. $10 Avant Drone from New York > UK > Vancouver > Victoria.

GHQ, Michael Flower (of Vibracathedral Orchestra, UK), Magneticring, Imps.

"This is druggy, dreamy, shoegazey bliss folk, vocals are fuzzy and indistinct, guitar strum is strident and loop-like, even the proper songs devolve into raga like mesmerism, simple percussion, tamborine, shaker, does nothing but shuffle drowsily alongside the subtle pulse beneath the thick swaths of psych guitar and shimmery drone" -Aquarius Records

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