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the Fifty Fifty's Third Annual Rock Lottery

Sat. August 4th 2007
Logan's Pub $7 (No Minors)
10pm doors at 9pm
25 local musicians
5 randomly selected bands
8 hours of ardguous rehearsal
1 evening to pursue the rock n' roll lifestyle


Alex Branderhorst
Don Chessa (55th St. Boogie c. 1977 - 1981 )
Michael Coollinge (Western Birds)
Crystal Dorval (Vincat)
Jane Duncan (x fifty fifty)
Alan Kollins (Fifty Fifty)
Brad Kurushima (Ghosts)
Danielle Lebeau-Petersen
Andrew Reynolds (Balacade)
Kellen Ross (Nobu, Nature Kids)
Colleen Sanders
Jesse Scott (ministry of casual living)
Thomas Shields (run chico run)
Matt Skillings (run chico run)
Elise MacMillan (Rest, Limelight)
Graeme Mick (Away Rio, Castenets)
Randy Mercer
Jodie Thomson (furry and the mouse)
luke and jordan (colourbook)

and more . . .

The Concept: Twenty-five carefully selected musicians meet in the A.M at the arts space. They are a cross-section of the music community with divergent levels of musicianship and experience. The musicians are organized into four or five bands through a lottery-based chance selection. The bands depart to different pre scheduled practice spaces and are given 8-10 hours to create a twenty minute set of original music (with a one cover-song limit). Each band is asked to create a unified sound while still maintaining the individual styles of the members. At 10:00 P.M.,the bands commence at Logan's pub and perform their songs in front of a waiting audience. friendly fun!

Presented by: the fifty fifty arts collective
Tickets at: the door only