• Fri 21st Dec, 2007 - Sun 30th Dec, 2007

    Ski Free With Me

    Hailey Finnigan's multimedia canvases use photos from a 1970s instructural skiing guide to recall the good old days of the sport and of the vintage Windows game SkiFree. A demo of the game will be running alongside the works.

    Artists: Hailey Finnigan
  • Fri 7th Dec, 2007 - Sun 16th Dec, 2007

    Public Domain Film Project

    This project follows a series of works that explore the variations of moving and non-moving images that can function as narrative. It is specifically tied to issues of attention and memory. Our ability to interpret moving images is subconscious, but what if we had to work toward understanding the relationship between the progressive frames that make up a motion picture? - The exhibition will be vi... read more...
  • Fri 23rd Nov, 2007 - Sun 2nd Dec, 2007

    Magnetically Inclined

    Currently in developmental stages, this project will include various magnetic interventions into such brain wave activities as dreaming, meditating and concentration exercises. The current exhibition showing at the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective is a series of photographs taken of our interaction with different elements of Victoria's downtown exposing the evidence of their attraction to our magnetic ... read more...
  • Fri 16th Nov, 2007

    Venus In Furs: The Fifty Fifty Glam Rock Ball featuring the music of The Velvet Underground

    Venus In Furs - Glam Rock Ball Featuring the Music of The Velvet Undergroud Venus in Furs: The Fifty Fifty Glam Rock Ball Featuring the music of The Velvet Underground.Friday November 16. 9:30pm. @ Logan's Pub.$7 with members of: Vincat, Colourbook, Fury and the Mouse, Walrus. Also Run Chico Run, Hearse, David P Smith, Femenin Masculin, The Bash Bros. (Naniamo) Warhol films, gender deviance, ... read more...
  • Fri 9th Nov, 2007 - Sun 18th Nov, 2007

    The Great Extinction

    The Woodpile Collective presents a work of new paintings.Sifting influences from the traditional arts, urban culture, nature, music and politics. Woodpile paintings are a lively excercise in both the recognizable and the inconceivable. Every painting is worked on by three artists at once or in a tandem. Recent works weigh heavy with a facination of landscape.Artists: Sean McLaughlin, Blythe H... read more...
  • Sat 3rd Nov, 2007 - Sun 4th Nov, 2007

    Healing and Transforming in a Contemporary World”

    “Healing and Transforming in a Contemporary World” Friday October 26th - Saturday November 3rd Show in conjunction with the Contemporary First Nations Underground Art Crawl (more info on the discussion board) Healing and Transforming in a Contemporary World: Aboriginal Underground Art Crawl Saturday Nov 3rd, 2007 - 7PM onwards Confirmed Artists: Cheryl Henhawke Charlene George... read more...
  • Sat 22nd Sep, 2007 - Sat 6th Oct, 2007

    Aqui No Pasa Nada

    A special multi-media exhibition emanating from the battleground of Oaxaca, Mexico, including the video compilation Resistencia Visual, featuring work by Mal de Ojo TV, Bruno Varela, Héctor Ballesteros, Gabriela León, Carlos Franco, Nadja Massun, Ana Santos, Luna Maran, Juan Robles and Lucero González, curated by Isabel Rojas. Rounding out the installation will be the pirate transmissions of Ra... read more...
  • Fri 7th Sep, 2007 - Sun 16th Sep, 2007

    Light and Sound

    Large light boxes of direct light drawings (cameraless photography) and the Stolen Roll Ends that inspired them. Sound installation created by digitally manipulating the visuals on display.

    Artists: Kim Sinclair and Myke Hall
  • Fri 10th Aug, 2007 - Sun 19th Aug, 2007

    The Creations of Jonathan Petersen.

    Johnny P. (Vancouver) offers a distinct world of drawings, woodcarvings and murals. All evoke a strong narrative element. The artist receives a large part of his inspiration from dreams and from travels.

    Artists: Johnny P.
  • Sat 4th Aug, 2007

    the Fifty Fifty's Third Annual Rock Lottery

    25 local musicians 5 randomly selected bands 8 hours of ardguous rehearsal 1 evening to pursue the rock n' roll lifestyle featuring: Alex Branderhorst Don Chessa (55th St. Boogie c. 1977 - 1981 ) Michael Coollinge (Western Birds) Crystal Dorval (Vincat) Jane Duncan (x fifty fifty) Alan Kollins (Fifty Fifty) Brad Kurushima (Ghosts) Danielle Lebeau-Petersen Andrew Reynolds (Balacade... read more...
  • Fri 27th Jul, 2007 - Sun 5th Aug, 2007


    Bricolage and book art exploring the intersection of personal history, heritage and cross cultural identity politics

    Artists: Danielle Walker
  • Fri 13th Jul, 2007 - Tue 24th Jul, 2007

    B Sides

    A satellite exhibition in conjunction with workbench - Open Space's group show of local emerging artists.
    Artists: Leela Ford, Neah Kelly, Chantal Musgrove, Azin Seraj, Cathleen Thom read more...
  • Fri 29th Jun, 2007 - Sun 8th Jul, 2007

    Art Sale

    Crystal is trying to make room for new projects in her life. The concept: out with the old, in with the new. Art pieces sold at reasonable prices.

    Artists: Crystal Dorval
  • Sat 16th Jun, 2007 - Sun 24th Jun, 2007


    new sculpture and illustions from Shaw Smith.
    Artists: Shaw Smith
  • Fri 1st Jun, 2007 - Sun 10th Jun, 2007

    Bronwyn McMillin

    A collection of watercolors that aims to find subtle artistry hidden in the everyday. First solo exhibition from this grade 11 Esquimalt Secondary Art Student .

    Artists: Bronwyn McMillin
  • Sat 19th May, 2007 - Wed 2nd May, 2007

    The Nest Project

    Replications of bird's nests, which inhabit the gallery and the outdoor world. "I am interested in the ways that humans understand and misunderstand natural systems. I have been exploring this relationship by replicating bird's nests and installing them in outdoor locations..."
    Artists: Rachel Evans
  • Sat 5th May, 2007 - Sun 13th May, 2007

    Zombiechicken vs Manworm

    Drawings and paintings from the world of Cam Kidd and Peter Allen.
    Artists: Cam Kidd, Peter Allen
  • Sat 5th May, 2007

    Separated At Birth: A day of Mural Painting, Exhibition and Music.

    A Concyse Skate Co. / Incite Screenprinting / Fifty Fifty Arts Collective day of Mural Painting, Exhibition and Music. Two of Victoria's independent and dynamic centers - Concyse Skateshop/Incite Screenprinting and The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective - pair up to celebrate the creation of a promising new outdoor mural project at 2516 Douglas St, the home of both organizations. The bare wall facing ... read more...
  • Fri 23rd Mar, 2007

    Off The Grid: Victoria's 1st Annual Art [space] Crawl

    Victoria's exclusive artist run centres collectively open their doors for Off The Grid, an official en mass open house event. Art enthusiasts, curious citizens and the general public are encouraged to caravan through the streets of Victoria's inner core and drop in to the nine centres that will be open throughout the evening (5pm - 11pm) read more...
  • Fri 23rd Mar, 2007 - Sun 15th Apr, 2007


    Local artist Marlaina Buch features the medium of the Rock genre. This exhibit features small gestures relating to music and popular music culture. This is work produced in between trying to figure out how to write beats on her synth, memorizing Bruce Springsteen lyrics or making cell phone castanets. A music fan and dabbler, Marlaina is trying very hard to get to the bottom of music theory and th... read more...
  • Fri 9th Mar, 2007 - Sun 11th Mar, 2007

    Versions of Self

    Featuring mural-sized black-and-white photographs, and smaller Polaroid-based work. Jocelyn Beyak's work explores identity, place, and personal history. In "Baba's Photo's Revisited," Beyak recreates old photos of her grandmother with herself as the model, reprinted in life-size form
    Artists: Jocelyn Beyak
  • Fri 23rd Feb, 2007 - Sun 4th Mar, 2007

    Take Me Home

    An art show with works by Chantal Musgrove with written material by Chrystal Fisher and songs about Trailers by Red Texas Orange.
    Artists: Chantal Musgrove
  • Fri 26th Jan, 2007 - Sun 4th Feb, 2007

    Dwellings of land, sea, and sky

    black and white photographs by Jess Wheaton
    Artists: Jess Wheaton
  • Sun 21st Jan, 2007

    New Music and Improv:

    featuring Ken Aldcroft-guitar, Evan Shaw-saxophone, Scott Thomson-trombone, Wes Neal- bass, Joe Sorbara-drums. Composer/guitarist/improviser Ken Aldcroft has become an integral part of the national creative music scene while performing his original creative music projects throughout Canada at festivals, concert halls, clubs and schools during the past decade. In this time Ken has released eight... read more...
  • Fri 19th Jan, 2007

    Yes it's true!!!

    Don't miss this RARE lineup!
  • Fri 12th Jan, 2007 - Sun 21st Jan, 2007


    12-year-old Julian Butterfield's show is a collection of several paintings which play with colour and elegance along with abstract and minimalistic themes. The show is also full of explorations into new styles including ancient and contemporary techniques as well as childish interpretations of global issues such as consumerism and political corruption.Artists: Julian Butterfield... read more...