•  - May 18th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Sat 28th May, 2022 - Sat 4th Jun, 2022

    Please join us for a spring show and silent auction. This event will feature works from local artists up for bid in support of the fifty fifty to help us fundraise for our maintenance needs. View and bid on works by artists from Sweetpea Gallery and the Ministry of Casual Living, as well as the members of the fifty fifty and other local artists. ----- Opening Night is Saturday March 28th from 6... read more...
  • Alluvia: Simone Littledale Escobar - May 18th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 21st Apr, 2022 - Fri 13th May, 2022


    Alluvia is an exploration of geologic memory and personal geography. Using mediums derived directly from the earth, the work embodies the geological and hydrological processes that shape so-called British Columbia. The ritual process of collecting and converting soil into paint imbues the work with sentimental weight and connects the work to ancient human relationships with pigment. Rivers serve a... read more...
  • Nour: Rima Ibrahim - May 18th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 24th Mar, 2022 - Fri 15th Apr, 2022


    Rima’s art is deeply personal and allows her to channel all of her feelings. Rima’s creations are a way of allowing emotions to flow through her body into the art piece and tell stories without words. As a sensitive person, Rima hopes to evoke feelings for people viewing her art, such as love, care, and compassion. In addition, her art portrays her love for her daughter Nour and allows Rima to... read more...
  • Systems of Creation: Connor MacKinnon, Colton Hash - May 18th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 24th Feb, 2022 - Fri 18th Mar, 2022

    Systems of Creation

    Systems of Creation is a collection of artworks which exemplify a mode of making in which the technical processes used to create artworks are themselves designed or invented. While these generative tools, algorithms and programs serve an integral role in the production of artworks, they also embody artistic expression as a practice of creative engineering. In an effort to demystify algorithmic... read more...