• Tue 18th Nov, 2008 - Fri 12th Dec, 2008

    Hecho made

    Enter the illustrations of Hecho: site-specific paintings using fantasy and whimsy to draw the viewer into a hand-made world. "Exercises in whimsy are good for the heart and the brain: I think there is something therapeutic about loosing oneself in a picture. An audience should be able to enter a drawing, and it should come alive in front of them – play like a movie. They can look at a pictur... read more...
  • Thu 23rd Oct, 2008 - Fri 14th Nov, 2008


    DIALECTIC Gallery Hours: Fridays 2-5pm and Saturdays 1-5pm DIALECTIC: Through differing means, Jenn Boyd and Evan Locke, construct a reciprocal exchange, acting as a dialogue in a distinctive language. Through a socially discrete variety of language they confront concepts of space and the role of the viewer within that space. Boyd’s work is informed by ideas of the psychological aspe... read more...
  • Wed 15th Oct, 2008 - Thu 16th Oct, 2008

    The Geography of Nowhere

    The Geography of Nowhere: a collection of photographs from eight months on the subcontinent; fused by the necessity to distract one's inner psychology with the outward eye of the camera. Opens Saturday September 27, 7pm GALLERY HOURS: Sundays & Mondays: 1-4 pm
    Artists: Tara Campbell
  • Fri 29th Aug, 2008 - Tue 23rd Sep, 2008


    The fifty fifty arts collective has been declared a state of emergency. MMBB Cultural Consultants have been to deployed to reinvigorate the troubled space with their strict program, Resuscitate. This is an opportunity to support the fifty fifty, help repair the damage it has suffered and look towards its future. Using data aggregated from the minds of the public, MMBB presents an optimistic future... read more...
  • Sun 17th Aug, 2008

    SUN FUN 2008: a FREE outdoor showcase of fun local bands

  • Fri 25th Jul, 2008 - Sun 3rd Aug, 2008

    Th3 L33T Str33t (Art) FL33T

    Opening Friday June 25th at 8:00pm 1337 Vining Streets resident artists are exhibiting all the art that has piled up in their house and hearts!Artists: Michael Baker, Michael Noppers, Vanessa Kay, Erin-Rae Grayson, Randee Apple, Vinny, Liz Dempsey, Caitlin Gllp, Alix Jopp, Ben Raymer, Andrew Hildreth, Ashley Dusseault, Luke Postal, Lindsay Hampton, Jordan Minkoff, Erik Volet, Sam SH, Pamel... read more...
  • Fri 11th Jul, 2008 - Sun 20th Jul, 2008


    A group show of paintings and photography celebrating skateboard culture and the creative individuals that make up the community. Skateboarding has grown thought the years into a huge industry and many artists have also emerged from it - many of whom go unrecognized. This show aims to express a few aspects of the skate culture that would otherwise be overlooked.Artists: Ben Knight, Conlin ... read more...
  • Sat 5th Jul, 2008

    The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective presents Fourth Annual Rock Lottery

    usually sells out so come early. no advance tix. The Concept: Twenty-five carefully selected musicians meet in the A.M at the arts collective. They are a cross-section of the music community with divergent levels of musicianship and experience. The musicians are organized into four or five bands through a lottery-based chance selection. The bands depart to different pre scheduled practice space... read more...
  • Fri 27th Jun, 2008 - Sun 6th Jul, 2008

    A Theatre View

    A collection of panoramic theatre photography by Kamloops native Danielle Demers. After studying at University College of Caribou, Demers went on to study at the Western Academy of Photography. Since graduation the subjet matter of her work has ranged from weddings to body modification. The pieces in this show are an extension of previous work from her time spent at UCC.Artists: Danielle D... read more...
  • Fri 13th Jun, 2008 - Sun 22nd Jun, 2008

    Tips for Maintaining a Scream-Free Home

    Who knew putting your feet up kept you from getting agitated? Paintings and screen prints inspired by the article "Tips for Maintaining a Scream-Free Home" by Kirk Martin. Finnigan and Swanson's colorful and humorous work draws from Martin’s suggestions on maintaining domestic sanity.

    Artists: Hailey Finnigan & Martin Swanson
  • Fri 30th May, 2008 - Sun 8th Jun, 2008

    Everything Is OK Now

    Opening Friday May 30th, 8pm Re-visioning the institutional bathroom and the objects within as bodily in nature, organic and flesh-like, through formal strategies of colour, texture, and hand stitching. Mahon interrogates the relationships fostered between these objects, their viewers and the institution at large. Though hand sewing felt, latex, and other materials, one-to-one scale models o... read more...
  • Fri 16th May, 2008 - Sun 25th May, 2008

    What Remained of Doctor Millicent

    Doctor Millicent, a fictitious character, is an extension of the artist, a personification of her imagination. The "Doctor" left us her flat, full of her artistic works, and few scattered belongings, discovered shortly after her untimely demise. Her visual voice is spooky and macabre yet comforting and familiar, what is formed by the bond between the purely scientific and purely emotional. She tr... read more...
  • Fri 2nd May, 2008 - Sun 11th May, 2008

    Abe Murley

    Victoria artist Abe Murley's solo show of drawings and paintings "orbits" around the motif of the houseplant. He presents the spider plant in particular as a predatory sort of muse, offered as a symbol of beauty, and especially the dark underbelly, or shadow, of desire. Murley has completed a B.F.A. at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, and has studied at the Art Studen... read more...
  • Mon 14th Apr, 2008

    Thirdspace Zine Launch Party

    Free things are awesome... like Thirdspace, an anti-racist, radical feminist magazine. Thirdspace strives to provide a free forum for the multiplicity of voices within the Victoria community and beyond with an aim to promote all marginalized groups on equal ground. Sharing useful information about events, issues and controversies that affect all women, regardless of culture, age, sexual identit... read more...
  • Fri 4th Apr, 2008 - Sun 13th Apr, 2008

    Business As Usual

    Opening April 4th 7pm
    A depiction of terrifying abstract nouns, events, and characters implicit in significant events unfolding on planet Earth. Watercolor and ink drawings by Taylor Davis colorfully illustrating the concept of an unsustainable and unjust global way of life.
    Artists: Taylor Davis
  • Sun 9th Mar, 2008 - Sat 9th May, 2009


    Stick Works by Mel Paget August 8th - September 7th Opening Friday August 7th, 8pm Mel Paget is a local artist, studying Visual Arts at Emily Carr University. While previously studying graphic design became interested in creating paper collages and manipulating images. This series is a collection of noise-inspired environments. This work reflects the hunter gathering process of imaging, popu... read more...
  • Fri 7th Mar, 2008 - Sun 16th Mar, 2008

    Colour Coded

    A series of recent paintings addressing the semiotics of image making.

    Artists: Jessica Campbell
  • Fri 29th Feb, 2008

    A Leap Year / Frog Extravaganza

    leap into logan's for a night of eclectic pop featuring and more fifty fifty frolics. . . read more...
  • Sat 16th Feb, 2008 - Sat 23rd Feb, 2008


    This collaborative effort filters and translates two subjective, site-responsive pedestrian experiences into a large-scale cognitivemap. Drawn on the gallery walls; a wealth of differing linesinterpret the circuiting of the surrounding neighborhood. Through the process of wayfaring new stroll combinations are formed. Attention is called to how the element of city sound, and the physicality of mate... read more...
  • Fri 1st Feb, 2008 - Mon 11th Feb, 2008

    Secrets of an Abstract Painter

    I could not speak the secrets of my heart, so I painted them," says abstract expressionist Sharon Doherty whose solo show opens Doherty develops her body of work through intuition, vigorous brush strokes and color relationships to express the contents of an exhuberant soul.Her canvases are evocative rather than descriptive narratives, and are bold in color, design and visual impact.Artists: Sharo... read more...
  • Mon 14th Jan, 2008 - Thu 17th Jan, 2008


    New Photography and Installation Work explores the parallels between their individual relationships with the physical environment and each other.

    Artists: Hanahlie Beise, Caleb Beyers
  • Mon 14th Jan, 2008 - Thu 17th Jan, 2008

    Benefit for Material Awareness

    The process and material basis of the pieces try to encourage a visual dissonance between the illusions inherent to painting and the tactile object qualities of the material's applications and usages. At the same time, there is meant to be a cyclic and reflexive relationship between their painted frame and the self-referential materiality; in a sense, aspiring to self-awareness. Ideally, the ephem... read more...
  • Fri 4th Jan, 2008 - Sun 13th Jan, 2008


    What constitutes a painting? Where does the frame start or stop witheach object, but also within the physical space of the gallery. Also,what makes a painting a painting and does the frame establish a setperimeter? Using black as a way to negate away from the aeseticproperties of color to the viewer. The frame is brought into questionas each object transforms the notion of what a painting is withi... read more...