• Brand New Hymn: Jasper Van Alderwegen - May 13th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 6th May, 2021 - Fri 28th May, 2021

    Brand New Hymn

    An altar to the dysphoric and dissociated, Brand New Hymn suggests a ‘new’ folklore for the unnavigable present that desperately sanctifies the individual. - Jasper van Alderwegen is an artist born and currently based on the unceded Coast Salish Territory of the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ nations and pursuing an honours BFA in visual arts at The University of Victoria. Their practice primarily f... read more...
  • threes: Eryn Lougheed - May 13th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 8th Apr, 2021 - Sat 1st May, 2021


    Taking inspiration from the abundance of triads in Renaissance and Mannerist painting, Threes considers how memories and their surroundings weave through grief, devotion, and play, becoming a dead-letter reply to covert messages. - Eryn Lougheed is an artist raised as a guest on unceded Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories. She earned a Bachelor of Design from OCAD University and was the rec... read more...
  • Call for Submissions - May 13th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Tue 23rd Mar, 2021 - Fri 23rd Apr, 2021

    CALL: the fifty fifty arts collective is accepting proposals for visual and media art exhibitions, performances, installations, and curatorial projects relevant to the field of contemporary art practices for the 2021/22 programming year. For details on the submission requirements, please visit: http://thefiftyfifty.net/exhibition_guidelines DEADLINE: The deadline is Friday, April 23 at 11:59... read more...
  • Static Flux: Atefeh Baradaran - May 13th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Fri 19th Feb, 2021 - Fri 2nd Apr, 2021

    Static Flux

    Static Flux is a collection of paintings from an ongoing body of work in which, using minimal three-dimensional compositions, I explore the tensions between foreground vs. background, flat vs. three‐dimensional and inside vs. outside the frame. In these paintings, I aim to activate an interplay between the dimensionally painted image, the flat wooden substrate and the inherent frame enclosing th... read more...
  • The Saskatchewan Maritime Museum Presents, La Ligue Gourmand: Todd Gronsdahl - May 13th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 7th Jan, 2021 - Fri 5th Feb, 2021

    The Saskatchewan Maritime Museum Presents, La Ligue Gourmand

    “The Saskatchewan Maritime Museum Presents, La Ligue Gourmand” consists of fake artifacts, museological props, and didactics outlining (my invented) histories referencing lore of innovation. At the fifty fifty gallery, I present an unusual meal in the “museum” with the pretense of promoting flamboyance, humour, and absurdity as important stratagies to elaborate on histories true and invent... read more...