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On Growing, Rocks Sylvie Ringer, Jenni Schine

Fri. August 6th 2021 - Fri. August 27th 2021
Sylvie Ringer and Jenni Schine are a collective of two artists (visual and sound) who create works drawing on connections between place, memory, information and social relations. Both share a practice of closely observing and listening to their immediate surroundings, which then find expressions in Jenni’s sound compositions and Sylvie’s works on paper and immersive

ON GROWING, ROCKS explores concepts of epigenetics and fertility, the information stored in the layers of our bodies and subconscious. The artists reflect on their personal experiences of single motherhood and assistive reproductive technology (ART) by using landscape as a metaphor and sound compositions through field recordings. It references the idea that mountains and rocks are holders of information: their layers contain memories of climate conditions thousands of years old as well as our remains, history, and current relationships with our environment. Similarly, the human body can be seen as a vessel containing experiences from ancestors of years back.
During Covid-19, Sylvie and Jenni’s inspiration has been drawn from within, seeking landscape in dreams and memories as shapes, sounds, and stories. Sylvie in Hamburg, Germany and Jenni in Victoria/Vancouver, BC. ON GROWING, ROCKS asks what is stored in the layers of our bodies from over a year of digging, collecting, sorting and life changing decisions.